Thursday, October 1, 2015


It felt so good to welcome October today. Even better to drop all three kids off at school for the first time in months and enjoy a quiet morning to myself. This morning I sat in my kitchen knitting, baking muffins, listening to music and watching the drizzle outside. Thinking about the new routine that comes when the kids track back into school, the seasons change, the days get shorter, and the air gets cooler. Dreaming of all the things I want to do this Fall - more baking, more soup making (this one is definitely going on my menu for next week), more walks in the woods, and campfires with the fam. Wishing all days could be this good...

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Favorites: Poolside Tote

I sewed up this Poolside Tote last Spring while I was at Sew South and it's hands down one of my favorite handmade items. I love everything about it - the roominess of the bag, the shape, design, and how purposeful it is. I use it quite a lot but also love just hanging it in an open spot in our house, because I think it brightens up any space. 

I've been stashing fabric less this year, and instead searching out some unique pieces that I really love - fabric that I know will be put to use instead of lingering on my shelf. It's a crazy concept, right? Well, its something I'm working on anyway. I picked up this cotton/linen blend print used on the outside of the bag from Miss Matatabi. So, yeah, I paid a bit more for it, but I used it up and it really makes me happy. It's a fun mix with the striped denim I used for the inside of the bag and handles.

Since all of the fabric I used were midweight, I applied Shapeflex 101 interfacing to all of my pattern pieces. I wanted a bag with some structure, but not too firm. I love the finished weight and feel of this bag.

I'm quite certain there will be another Poolside Tote in my future. It's not just a great bag, but such fun to sew too!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Well, Hello there...

It's been awhile. I wasn't sure I'd make it back here, and I'm still not sure that I'll manage to stay. I disappeared from this space about six months ago, just before we sold our beloved home of twelve years and moved to a new one. Also known as the equivalent stress of having a fourth child. I can't confirm that - I'm just guessing. And, happy that it's behind us!  

These pictures are not my new home (but, how cool would that be), but of the Castle Atalaya in Huntington Beach State Park, SC. A pretty cool place that I have visited all throughout my life. I took these during our beach vacation last week and for some reason, I found them to be somewhat symbolic of my life these days. It's really not something I can describe well or in a way that I think you'd find interesting. But, suffice it to say, it's busier than ever, equally fulfilling and confusing. 

I return to this space quite a bit to try and figure out what I want to do with it, if anything. And, I'm always surprised by how happy it makes me - I find this record of my life, my family, and my handmades to be so meaningful. So, I want to do my best to keep it when I can and share what's on my mind, whether it's about  a favorite handmade, our adventures in life, or fixing up our new home. Sound good? Thanks for sticking around!      

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Spring & Skirts

About a month ago on a cold snowy Sunday, Maggie and I sewed a couple of simple skirts together. She sewed one for herself and I made a matching one for Lyla. They were made with a fun splattering floral that she picked out at Joann's a while back. I was reminded that sweet, simple skirts really are the best. And these turned out so bright and breezy, much like Spring.

On what was probably the first real warm day this year, they both put them on. They slapped on their rainboots and ran around the backyard for a bit, holding hands, and giving their bare legs a taste of the warmer air. Later that day, we went for a short walk to the lake. The kids slipped off their shoes and put their toes in the cool water, and searched for golden rocks.

The onset of Spring this year has felt pretty amazing. We've had more sunny, warmer days than not over the past week or so and I find myself dashing for the outdoors as soon as I see the sunlight filling our backyard. Sitting on the deck, knitting, watching the kids wander around in the woods or kicking the soccer ball. Soaking in the warmth and feeling it kick out some of the lingering greys from winter. Feeling hopeful for Spring. Only four more days...

Monday, March 2, 2015

Starbright Christmas Quilt

I totally had this quilt top all packed up until December, when I felt I might be a little more inspired to finish it up properly. But, today I looked out my window and saw this scene...a few inches of lingering slushy snow on the ground, a small downed pine tree (thanks to last week's storm) laying across our yard, and sun beaming through the tall trees. Nevermind that it was 60 degrees out. It just looked like Christmas...or at least the Christmas of books and movies and greeting cards...because we never have snow on Christmas. Or, in March for that matter.  

So, here, I dragged my oldest child to hold the quilt for five minutes.

This quilt was made from a pattern called Starbright, part of the online Angled class I took last Fall, taught by Rachel of Stitched in Color. I made a smaller version, measuring about 46" square. My plan is to add a border, so that it's perhaps a nice size to show off on the back of the couch.

Aside from a few adorable Alexander Henry Christmas prints, I used mostly stash fabrics in this quilt top. It was nice to use up some fabric! The background is XOXO in ghost from Cotton and Steel - a print that I'm using constantly in my sewing. It's so good!

I really learned so much in Rachel's class. I don't think I would've taken on a quilt like this otherwise. And, I don't think I could've gotten perfect points like this with traditional, machine piecing otherwise. Whoop!

Actually, I like this quilt so much more now, seeing it in these photos. There is something about stepping back and seeing color in a new way. The colors are fun and bright and perhaps a bit out of my comfort zone. But, I do love how cheerful they all look together. Looking forward to finishing it about 9 months!

So, I guess I'll give a small hooray for snowy, sunny days in March. Look what else I caught with my camera today? My little gal romping around in one of her new dresses!