Sunday, December 21, 2008

Gingerbread Cookie Fun

Driving home from church today, I looked out at the dreadful rainy day, and decided to come home and make gingerbreadman cookies with Maggie.  Actually, the cookbook I used calls them gingerbread person cookies (good grief!!).  I was inspired by Matt & Steph's latest post for the idea!  Didn't think our little 2-yr old was ready for cookie decorating, but she did alright.  

Maggie helping out - she was good at cutting!  As you can see the sun came out by the time we got to make the cookies.

Little sneakerdoodle (that's what Mark calls her) kept snagging the sprinkles and running away with them!

The finished masterpiece.


Joe loved his J-man cookie! : )

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Show

Maggie's preschool put on a little Christmas show tonight.  They have been practicing since October for the big night!  The 2-yr olds (along with all the other kids) sang "Twinkle, Twinkle Christmas Star" and "This Little Light of Mine".  Well, I guess I should say A FEW of them sang.  Most of the little ones, Maggie included, just sat there, stunned by the crowd and searching for Mommy and Daddy.  Nobody left the stage though!  We are proud of our little girl for simply sticking it out! 

Here she is on the front end, sitting so sweetly playing with her jingle bell. Check out that line of cute little boys to the left of her - those are her classmates.  : )

Aha, there's Daddy!  She kept moving slightly further away from the boys. : )

Happy Birthday Maggie!

Our little Mags turned 2 on Sunday and we celebrated with a bunch of her best buds at Jumpin Beans, where she bounced to her heart's content.  Like every parent, we have been thinking "where did those two years go?!?!" (sniff, sniff).  But, at the same time, we are embracing toddlerhood and all of the funny things that come out of our free-spirited little girl.  We love you Maggie!

Enjoy the slideshow of fun party pics!

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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Conversation With Joe

Here's a short video of one of many conversations I have with Joe on a daily basis.  He is a very social baby...loves eye contact and seems to have a lot to say (Hmmm...does this remind you of anyone else in our family???).  Walk away from him while he is busy gazing at you and sharing his thoughts and he is NOT a happy camper.  

Trip to Davidson

Last week the kiddos and I spent a few days in Davidson with Nana and Pop.  We were in great need of a change in scenery and some time with family.  We all had a wonderful time!!!  I don't think Joe stopped smiling the entire time he was there and Maggie was in the best of moods hanging with Nana, Pop, and her aunties, uncles and cousins.  It made me realize how much I miss all of my family in Davidson and it also made me appreciate small-town life for a few days.  There are not many places left where you can take the kids for a walk "into town" and romp around on campus.  I'm just disappointed that I didn't 'bump' into Stephen Curry.  ;-) Anyway, here are some photos from the trip.
At the well on campus:

Joe, just being sweet Joe...

With Nana and Pop!

Never knew a plain old tennis court and a ball could make this little girl so happy!

Cousin Mateo hamming it up for the camera.  Maggie and Mateo are just 4 months apart.  They were really sizing each other up at the dinner table!  So cute!

Having Oreos with Nana, Liam, and Maddy!

Maggie LOVED playing with her big girl cousins Attie (who sadly I did not get any pictures of) and Maddy.  Talk about a tongue twister of names!

Here's Maddy cracking Maggie up!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Little BOO-meisters!

Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!  Here are some photos from our evening.  First, we have Maggie, the fairy who called herself Tinkerbell, and said "Oh, Wow!" every time she saw a bowl of candy.  Then, little Joe, the adorable Dragon, who seemed perfectly content in his big puffy costume! 

LOVE this picture with Daddy!

At our first stop, "Aunt Donna's", Maggie just stood there staring at the bowl of candy.  So, I tried to show her how Joe would take a piece.  After a few houses, she DEFINITELY got the idea!

I'm still not sure she realizes you eat this stuff!  She just totes it all from place to place and piles it in different containers...or on her lap!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Maggie's First Field Trip

Today Maggie and I went to Vollmer Farm in Bunn, NC with her preschool.  What a cool place this was!  It was almost like an amusement park with all of the activities they had to do.  The kids took a short educational tour (fit for a bunch of toddlers), took a hayride, and then got to play, play, play!  Oh, and pick a pumpkin too!  All I can say is Little Miss Independent ran me ragged...

Just a couple of cute shots of her picking out her pumpkin.

They had a baby cow - SOOOOOO Cute!!!!!!!  That's Maggie over there pushing her way to the front of the line.
Here she is bouncing with the big kids:
She was pounding on the thing shouting "More, more, more!".

Another view from the top - looks like she's so high!

This is the "corn crib" - I think that's what it is called.  It's just a giant pile of corn to sit and play in.

After all that fun, she hit up the playground for a bit.  She's into climbing ladders and sliding right now.

This is a cute pic.  I just love baby bottoms (I know I'm strange).  

Sleepy...too much fun was had!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Snack Time!

Last week we had to let go of our dog Sable. We adopted Sable 3 years ago from our neighbor who died suddenly from cancer.  Sable was an old girl whose body just couldn't carry her around any more.  She was a huge German Shepard and Maggie had recently come to ADORE her!  Maggie hasn't seemed to have noticed Sable's absence, but our other dog Dulcie, has seemed a little lonely.  So, today we went outside to play ball and cheer Dulcie up a bit.    Little did I know what fun those two would have.  Maggie sat down to have a snack and when Dulcie came over to hawk the snack, Maggie got a kick out of teasing her with the goldfish.  It made me happy to see her laugh her little butt off, while Dulcie was sniffing and licking her snack bowl.  I know you're thinking "Ick!!", but sometimes you have to just let things go and enjoy the moment!  Here are some fun pics:

Joe's Baptism

On Sunday, Joe was baptized, starting a new journey in his life!  We were so thankful to have our families here to celebrate the day with us.  Joe's Uncle Scott and Auntie Christen are his Godparents.  Here are some photos from the service.
Our Family of Four (still hard to believe!):

A cute one with Scott and Christen, where he is half-smiling:

With our Pastors Dave and Diane:

After the service, we had a party at our favorite park, Blue Jay Point. Here are some scenes from the fun day.

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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Cowboy Joe

Joe's Auntie Mary Kate passed down her son Will's famous Gymboree cowboy outfit, including boots and a suede jacket (yes, suede on a 3 month old)!  Joe is soon going to outgrow it, so I decided to put him in it today and see if I could get some cute shots.  I was not having success with the camera today, but I got a couple to at least capture the moment.  The boots were way too small, so I had to kind of prop them on his toes - it was tough to keep the little guy from kicking them off.  Thanks MK!  Saddle-up Joe-bo!
   Nice boots!

Not so thrilled about being stuffed in an oversized suede jacket.

What a perfect little this little guy!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Itsy Bitsy Spider

Maggie is our little singer (and drama queen!).  Since she started preschool she's been coming home and singing new songs with lots of hand movements.  We finally realized one of them was Itsy Bitsy Spider.  Here's her hip-hop version with a little drama at the end - apparantly Mommy and Daddy weren't singing it quite right.  Enjoy!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

One Happy Baby

For a little boy who has not been feeling so well, Joe can really brighten up a room with his big smile.  He is so charming and will just sit in his bouncy chair staring at his favorite hippo and elephant, cooing and squealing with delight.  It is so sweet!  Here are some recent photos of him smiling and sleeping like a baby (my favorite!).