Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Visit From Grandma & Grandpa Krynock

Maggie enjoyed a visit from her Grandma and Grandpa Krynock this past weekend.  She was in full force showing off her new moves and chattering nonstop.  She absolutely loved being the center of attention!  The hardest part about visits like that is the withdrawal period, meaning the days following the visit when she's constantly looking around like "Where did they all go....you mean I'm stuck with just you guys again?".

A couple of weeks ago, we went to Davidson to visit my parents "Nana and Pop".  Unfortunately, I forgot my camera, or I would've caught some fun moments there.  Just as a side note, Maggie now thinks all of her grandparents are named "Pop".  Every time I mention any of them or show her pictures she looks at me with a great big smile and says "POP!".  Or else, as we've been joking, it's just a good catch-all for the senior citizens in her life.  ;-)       


Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A day at the kid's museum...

The weather has been very blah and rainy here for what seems like forever to me.  We are very thankful for the rain, but it makes for a stir-crazy baby and Mom.  So, I took Maggie to the Marbles Kids Museum yesterday.  Her favorite part of the museum is the store/kitchen and the vegetable garden.  Every time she picked something up she would say "WOW" with great enthusiasm.  Her favorite fruit was the "bapple".  She was also so friendly with all the other kids, walking around saying, "Hi, hi, hi", "Bye, bye, bye".  So cute....