Thursday, May 1, 2008

Girls Rock!

Just got back from an awesome girls weekend with my best friends from college, Kendra and Stacey, and all of our little girls.  I guess it has become a semi-annual tradition.  This time we went to the beach and enjoyed a weekend of sunshine and 80 degree temps!!  Highlights of the weekend included many encounters with and talk of spiders, snakes, crab, and alligators - sounds like we were really roughing it, huh???  

Here we all are!  We've come a long way since the Lee Dorm days at NCSU!  If M2 turns out to be a boy, poor guy will look so adorable in his big floppy hat!  From left to right, Kendra ("Inda") with Devyn ("Debyn") and Courtney ("Corky"), Maggie and me, and Stacey ("Tacy") and Bethany ("Boo") - those are Maggie's name interpretations.

Here's Maggie at the castle, as usual, running from Mama.

My beach baby...



  1. How cute everyone looks in their hats!! What a great tradition. Did you say snakes?????

  2. Lee dorm girls rock! Boy or girl, we'll find a cute hat for the new addition to the group. :) Good times!

  3. Love the pics! What a fun tradition- and funny that you guys all had girls! Love the hats :) And that is possibly the CUTEST swimsuit I've ever seen... What a doll.