Friday, May 2, 2008


We went strawberry picking today with my friend Beth and her daughters Rose and Gaby.  It was such an awesome day outside.  I'm ashamed to say I'd never been strawberry picking and I was worried it was going to be this gigantic wide-open field where Maggie would just go nuts stomping all over the plants.  Thankfully, they were in perfect rows and she loved carrying the bucket and picking her own..."Mmmmmm".  She kept calling them apples - at least she's got the right color.  We got two gallons so we'll probably all turn into strawberries within a few days!

Beth, Rose, & Gaby:

Digging In:



  1. Babes, white shirt on my Maggie when going strawberry picking???

    Great pictures!

  2. That looks so J. Crew, the whole scene. You guys look like you are having a beautiful early summer back there. The funniest thing in the world is, across all the states--- and Sophia has that EXACT shirt Maggie is wearing...Target right?? Funny!

  3. Yes, Steph - Target shirt! I love that shirt and just thought it was so fitting for a day on the farm. In response to Mark's comment - yes, I dressed her in white - that's why they make the clorox bleach stick!!

  4. Molly has that shirt too :) Cute pics...can't wait to go strawberry picking ourselves!