Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

This morning, we went out to our favorite park, Blue Jay Point, on Falls Lake to get some much needed fresh and cooler air.  We went on a short hike down to the lake.  Maggie had fun wading in the surf - so much fun she took a spill and got sopping wet!  Typical!

We got some really pretty photos though, and I post them today in honor of the super Dads in our lives!

By the way, I am finally figuring out how to post photos best, so you should now be able to click on the photos and see a nicer, larger image...enjoy!


  1. Thanks for the dedication! I had a great day yesterday, and it should be noted Maggie now has her first tricylcle.

  2. Mark, Happy Fathers Day! Minus your legs, these are awesome pictures of Maggie. :-) Anxious to see the tricylcle.

  3. Happy Father's Day Mark! I'm certain you are the kind of father that other people can only hope to be. Maggie and baby #2 are some lucky kids. Hope you enjoyed your day..