Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Re-Birthday Celebration

Some of you probably recall that Maggie's 1st birthday party was a little of, well, a flop.  We had planned a simple party with family at our house.  However, it was early in my pregnancy, I was miserably sick, and Maggie had an ear infection.  So, the day before the party we more or less canceled it.  Of the 20 or so grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins who were invited, Uncle Scott and Aunt Christen, since they are so close by and were brave enough to come to our germ-ridden house, joined in on our small not so memorable celebration.  Everyone kept saying, "Don't worry, she'll never know she didn't have a 'real' party", but Mark and I were (and have been since) kind of heartbroken about the whole thing.  

Probably my most sour memory of the whole incident was the cake...So, since I was feeling really lousy and couldn't get my act together to make a cake I ordered Maggie's cake from probably the most well-liked bakery in Raleigh.  This bakery is known for fantastic and very artistic decorations.  It was quite a splurge for us!  When I called to place the order I clearly told the woman (like 10 times!) that the cake was for my daughter's "1st" birthday and I wanted it to have "whimsical red and pink flowers" on it.  Much to our surprise when we picked it up and got it home, we discovered it was decorated with bright red and pink poinsettias with gaudy green leaves.  Not that poinsettias aren't beautiful...I love them, really.  But, on a one-year old's birthday cake????  Come on!!!  Maybe it's just me but daisies are whimsical looking flowers...poinsettias are elegant and sophisticated, which most one year olds, aren't!!!  Here is a photo of the cake taken back in December (ok, maybe I'm being a bit dramatic about the whole thing...but, just click on the picture and look up is pretty, but just not quite whimsical).

Since that hideous cake cost us a fortune, we froze what was left and today, being Maggie's 18 month birthday, pulled it out for a special "re-birthday" celebration. This time Aunt Sarah, Uncle Chris, and cousin Miles joined us. At 18 months, Maggie has now had her fair share of cake, so eating wasn't quite the spectacle that you see at most first birthday parties, but it was fun nonetheless! As my Mom always says "all's well that ends well".

Here are some pics from the celebration:


  1. As of Monday morning, Elmo is still alive and well.

  2. Happy 1.5 Maggie! You are the luckiest girl ever! I'm going to start celebrating my 1/2 birthdays too- what fun parents you have :)