Thursday, July 3, 2008

King of the Wild

We recently decided to let our indoor cats start exploring the great outdoors a bit.  Those of you who have spent time around Lewis (or overheard him while on the phone with me) know he can be extremely loud and annoying.  I simply couldn't handle being inside with him all day anymore. 

We also live in a neighborhood which tons of deer frequent and recently there has been a lone doe passing through our yard a lot.  Well, she is quite the friendly gal and I caught some very cool video of her and Lewis befriending one another the other day.  We were completely shocked that Lewis didn't seem the least bit scared of her - seeing as he hides under the toilet when it thunders!  Instead they spent at least a couple of hours galivanting around our property, disappearing in the woods for periods of time and then strolling back into our front yard, always the doe following Lewis.  This was on day 3 of his new life outdoors!  Mark has been praising him as the "King of the Wild".

As a side note, Maggie saw this deer the other morning about 5 feet from the window and started banging on the window shouting "Moo, Cow!!".  So funny...    


  1. Your yard is so peaceful, and with the deer it's like being camping or something. The cats encounter is a whole other story...funny sounds for sure!

  2. Lewis truly is a cat of his free will. He's taken a beating from Dulcie the past 5 years, and most recently many tail pulls from our little girl Maggie.

    The only thing missing from the blog is a sound clip of his uber annoying meow.

  3. oh my goodness! i think elsa is related to the doe! haha she flipped out when she heard (i'm guessing) dulcie barking on the video! good stuff.