Saturday, August 23, 2008

Maggie's First Haircut & MORE!

Maggie was getting a bit shaggy in the locks, so WE finally braved up and took her to get her first haircut.  I say WE braved up because we have been dreading it and were sure she was going to show off her piercing scream in the place.  Surprisingly, she was perfect!  Of course she got to sit in a neat little police car chair and best of all, watch Elmo while she got her haircut.  She didn't make a peep; just sat like a zombie the whole time mesmerized by Elmo.  We were so proud of her!  While her haircut was just a little trim, she actually looks younger to me - I think it shows off her chubby cheeks.  : )

Anyway, after the big event we all went out for ice cream and then went to the park and walked to our favorite spot on the lake.  It was such an awesome evening - unbelievable for August.  She made a mess of herself wading in the water and Joe enjoyed just sitting with me in the breeze.  What a perfect day!  

This was her expression the whole time...
ICE CREAM!!!  We realized halfway through that she was eating the napkin too - woops!
Wading in the surf...
Finally looking at the camera.  I love how this picture makes her look like she's waist deep in the water.
Joe has been smiling like crazy lately, but we cannot get it on camera.  But, at least he's showing off his awesome blue eyes in this one. : )

Saturday, August 9, 2008


Thanks to Auntie Christen, Maggie and Mark got free passes to have breakfast with Curious George this morning.  She loves George!!
Except in person - click to see the sourpatch face : (

We don't get it - he looks so friendly...

At least she chowed on breakfast...
Anyhow, thanks a bunch to Christen for hooking us up!!!!  Maybe next year she'll get a little closer to the big guy.  : )

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Keeping Busy

Maggie is a very busy little girl - she is constantly looking for something bigger and better to do. So, I am always very thankful when she finds one thing that keeps her happy for a long time, which was the case with two gifts she's gotten this summer. She played with the chalk our friends the Molloys sent for about an hour the other day (thanks guys!!!) - she's really into art stuff right now. She's also been loving the water table Nana and Pop gave her at the beginning of summer. : )

The chalk artist.

As you can see she's quite advanced.

Here's Joe sleeping through it all.

Pretty girl with a serious face.