Saturday, August 9, 2008


Thanks to Auntie Christen, Maggie and Mark got free passes to have breakfast with Curious George this morning.  She loves George!!
Except in person - click to see the sourpatch face : (

We don't get it - he looks so friendly...

At least she chowed on breakfast...
Anyhow, thanks a bunch to Christen for hooking us up!!!!  Maybe next year she'll get a little closer to the big guy.  : )


  1. Wow -- that looks like fun!! I guess old George might be a little scary in adult size... At least she enjoyed the breakfast :-)

  2. If you just look at the big picture you might think she was smiling! Mark looks like he's having a good time. George is very cute and the breakfast picture is great.

  3. Maggie had a wonderful time. She loved waving to George at a range of 20'.

    What Maggie really wants is the 4 foot Elmo doll that hangs from the wall at Adventure Landing. All you need to do is win 1,000 game points, and you'll be Maggie's BFF.

  4. I love it! Her hair is getting so long and pretty! Mark, you should have stood next to George to create a barrier :) She seems to have the same appetite as our little Sophia- never too upset to EAT!!

  5. So cute...what a fun morning, breakfast and George! Mateo will only eat his breakfast sitting in front of the TV watching George and Bill reads George to Attie EVERY night...George may be around your house for a long time....