Sunday, September 7, 2008

Maggie's First Day of Preschool

Maggie started preschool last week joining a class of young 2s (or almost 2-yr olds).  Her first day of school was quite a success.  On her 'report card' she was described as friendly, happy, and busy (go figure!).  We are very proud of her and really looking forward to her having a great year, making friends, and learning lots!  While she has not been so cooperative with photos lately, here are a few just to document the big day!  
Here we are going to meet the teacher.

Elmo cup in hand.

Thinking, "Mommy stop it with the photos already!"

At the end of the day, looking like, "Yeah, I just rocked that place!"


  1. We're very proud of our Maggie!

    I just hope she's a attentive student like her mother.

  2. Yes, she looks so grown up and proud in that last one. What a sweetie, and to continue our record of having the same items we have that same Elmo sippy cup...crazyness!

    What school did you find for her age? Is it a Montessori?