Thursday, October 9, 2008

Cowboy Joe

Joe's Auntie Mary Kate passed down her son Will's famous Gymboree cowboy outfit, including boots and a suede jacket (yes, suede on a 3 month old)!  Joe is soon going to outgrow it, so I decided to put him in it today and see if I could get some cute shots.  I was not having success with the camera today, but I got a couple to at least capture the moment.  The boots were way too small, so I had to kind of prop them on his toes - it was tough to keep the little guy from kicking them off.  Thanks MK!  Saddle-up Joe-bo!
   Nice boots!

Not so thrilled about being stuffed in an oversized suede jacket.

What a perfect little this little guy!


  1. Those pictures are cracking me up! What a sport Joe is, just letting you put whatever you want on him...he's such a mellow guy! Hey, is that what he's going to be for Halloween??? Saddle up!

  2. Such a cutie and it brings back so many memories to see that outfit. How crazy I was to buy it but I don't regret it at all now :)