Thursday, October 16, 2008

Maggie's First Field Trip

Today Maggie and I went to Vollmer Farm in Bunn, NC with her preschool.  What a cool place this was!  It was almost like an amusement park with all of the activities they had to do.  The kids took a short educational tour (fit for a bunch of toddlers), took a hayride, and then got to play, play, play!  Oh, and pick a pumpkin too!  All I can say is Little Miss Independent ran me ragged...

Just a couple of cute shots of her picking out her pumpkin.

They had a baby cow - SOOOOOO Cute!!!!!!!  That's Maggie over there pushing her way to the front of the line.
Here she is bouncing with the big kids:
She was pounding on the thing shouting "More, more, more!".

Another view from the top - looks like she's so high!

This is the "corn crib" - I think that's what it is called.  It's just a giant pile of corn to sit and play in.

After all that fun, she hit up the playground for a bit.  She's into climbing ladders and sliding right now.

This is a cute pic.  I just love baby bottoms (I know I'm strange).  

Sleepy...too much fun was had!


  1. Those pics are so cute...I just love her hat! It looks like a fun place.

  2. Hey Krynocks! Love the pictures! Maggie is getting so big. Hope all is well we need to set up a play date for the kids soon!

  3. I love baby bottoms, too, so we're both freaks :-) I'm very impressed that Ms. Maggie will keep a hat on! Sounds like Maggie and Peri have the same independent spirit!

  4. That place looks AWESOME!! We are going to come visit you next fall just so we can go there with you guys and jump on that pumpkin thingy. Wow. So many cute pictures- I love the hat :)