Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Snack Time!

Last week we had to let go of our dog Sable. We adopted Sable 3 years ago from our neighbor who died suddenly from cancer.  Sable was an old girl whose body just couldn't carry her around any more.  She was a huge German Shepard and Maggie had recently come to ADORE her!  Maggie hasn't seemed to have noticed Sable's absence, but our other dog Dulcie, has seemed a little lonely.  So, today we went outside to play ball and cheer Dulcie up a bit.    Little did I know what fun those two would have.  Maggie sat down to have a snack and when Dulcie came over to hawk the snack, Maggie got a kick out of teasing her with the goldfish.  It made me happy to see her laugh her little butt off, while Dulcie was sniffing and licking her snack bowl.  I know you're thinking "Ick!!", but sometimes you have to just let things go and enjoy the moment!  Here are some fun pics:


  1. We will miss Sable dearly. For those who never met her, she was the sweetest dog ever and we were very lucky to have her in our lives.

    Now for Dulcie...she has her moments, but we hope she will continue to grow up and make her big sister proud.

  2. We are so sorry about Sable, that has to be so hard. But, I am happy to hear Maggie isn't too heartbroken for that would only make it worse. What a fun dog Dulcie seems to be, and very good looking too!