Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Little BOO-meisters!

Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!  Here are some photos from our evening.  First, we have Maggie, the fairy who called herself Tinkerbell, and said "Oh, Wow!" every time she saw a bowl of candy.  Then, little Joe, the adorable Dragon, who seemed perfectly content in his big puffy costume! 

LOVE this picture with Daddy!

At our first stop, "Aunt Donna's", Maggie just stood there staring at the bowl of candy.  So, I tried to show her how Joe would take a piece.  After a few houses, she DEFINITELY got the idea!

I'm still not sure she realizes you eat this stuff!  She just totes it all from place to place and piles it in different containers...or on her lap!


  1. Dad ate approximately 60 pieces of candy from Fri-Sun. The remaining candy is now at Lenovo.

    Good job Maggie!

  2. They are so cute!! Molly and Maggie need to get together with their costumes :)

  3. Wonderful pictures! I especially love the one of Joe the Dragon- maybe Baby Joe has morphed into a new moniker. Our remaining candy is soon going to the Main St. garage for a trimmer person to enjoy.

  4. Oh -- they look so cute in their Halloween costumes! We only got one trick-or-treater at our house this year :(

  5. I also love the picture of Mark with the kids, perfect fall/Halloween picture. Joe looks so warm in his little Dragon...and Maggie just looks TOO grown up.