Sunday, December 21, 2008

Gingerbread Cookie Fun

Driving home from church today, I looked out at the dreadful rainy day, and decided to come home and make gingerbreadman cookies with Maggie.  Actually, the cookbook I used calls them gingerbread person cookies (good grief!!).  I was inspired by Matt & Steph's latest post for the idea!  Didn't think our little 2-yr old was ready for cookie decorating, but she did alright.  

Maggie helping out - she was good at cutting!  As you can see the sun came out by the time we got to make the cookies.

Little sneakerdoodle (that's what Mark calls her) kept snagging the sprinkles and running away with them!

The finished masterpiece.


Joe loved his J-man cookie! : )


  1. What happened to the sneakdoodle's pants?!? Hee hee! Looks like fun :-)

  2. Got any cookies left? I'm starving. Those look great Maggie. Killer work! Happy Holidays, MM>

  3. Love the photos, the light coming through the windows is so's perfect.