Friday, January 30, 2009

10 Random Things...

Everyone is talking random things about themselves, so I thought it would be fun share some random things about Maggie and Joe.  So, here goes...

1.  Maggie is named after her Nana's grandmother Margaret Lowe.
2.  Joe is named after his Pop's grandfather Joseph Newman.
3.  Maggie LOVES stuffed animals.  She'd be perfectly happy with just her stuffed animals and some things around the house to play with.  She probably has about 15 in her crib right now.  We call them her Entourage!
4.  Joe smiles nonstop!  Anyone who has spent time with him will attest to this.  He is an eye-contact driven baby.  Sometimes when I am rocking him or patting him back to sleep, I have to turn my face away from him, because if he sees me look at him he giggles and smiles.  The little guy just melts my heart!!!
5.  Maggie refuses to let me do anything with her hair.  No bows,'s hard enough just to get it brushed! 
6.  Joe has these really long hairs randomly placed on his head.  I would guess they are about 3 inches long!  He likes to rub his head and pull on them when he's eating.  
7.  Maggie won't use the word "Yes".  She has a pretty big vocabulary, but for some reason she avoids that word (hmmm...).  Instead she says "Yay!", "Ok", or very rarely "uh-huh".  
8.  Joe is the drool-master.  No kidding, the guy is like a faucet!  He has to have a waterproof bib on at all times, and he probably goes through about 8 a day!  
9.  Maggie's nicknames are "Mags", "Maggie-moo", "Miss Magoo", "Mags-aroni", and "Mags-amillion".  
10.  Joe's nickname is "Joe-bo"...poor kid, I hope he doesn't go to kindergarten with this one. 

So, there you have it!  Now, I'd love to hear some random things about your kids!    


  1. oh my gosh that is so cute! you have definately inspired me....thanks for sharing and i hope to see you guys soon!!!

  2. Peri is 5 and she STILL does not let me brush her hair. At least she can do it herself now, however she refuses. I won't cut her hair short b/c I remember being absolutely devastated when my mom did that to me when I was 5. So, I just have to live with her rat's She did let me put pink rollers in it a few night ago, but when I took the rollers out the next morning she wouldn't let me fix her I have a collection of bows that I never got to put in her hair :-( I've given up