Friday, January 30, 2009

Beach Trip

Last weekend the kids and I, along with my sister Sarah and nephew Miles, went to the beach to visit with Nana and Pop.  Sometimes a  trip to the beach in January is a nice retreat from the cold and gloomy weather in Raleigh.  Unfortunately, it was cold and gloomy at the beach as well.  But, we made the most of it, let the cousins do some bonding around the house, and ate brownie sundaes, which ALWAYS brighten a gloomy day.  We also went over to Huntington Beach State Park, where there is a small environmental center, with fish, turtles, snakes, and a very friendly (right Nana???) stingray we call "Mr. Ray".  Maggie and Miles certainly made the most of that outing!  Here are some photos from the visit.  

One rare photo of Maggie at the beach.  We had to hang out in the emergency vehicle ramp, because it was too windy!  She had fun drawing pictures of Joe in the sand. : )

Miles was really into organizing kitchen cabinets and baking!  

He makes some very cute facial expressions.  I'm not sure, but maybe this one goes with his cat meow???

Joe decided to finally take some serious interest in his fruits and veggies while we were there.  Probably because his Nana was feeding him.  : ) He has since been woofing down some baby food!!

These pictures are kind of funky because I am trying to learn about ISO (for anyone who knows what that means), but I apparently set it too high.  That's a bummer, because the kids were both smiling and laughing away.  Anyway, here Joe is showing off his sweet smile.  

Maggie had some good laughs with her Pop!  


  1. We had so much fun!! Too bad there's not a photo of Ray getting friendly with Nana -- I hate that I missed that!

  2. I want to be part of your family and go to the beach house with you!