Thursday, January 22, 2009

Snow Day!

I think everyone has seen these on Facebook, but I can't get enough of these photos and wanted to remember the fun snow day we had once again!  Maggie woke up Tuesday morning, looked out the window and immediately ran to the front door shouting "Outside, Outside!"...then to the closet shouting "Coat, Coat!".  This stuff that she reads about and sees on TV was actually outside covering our yard.  The snow was the perfect amount...enough powedery fluff to keep Mark home from work!  We never know here when we'll have a good snow, so we got to make the most of it when it comes.  So here we are... 
Look at those red cheeks!

Posing with Daddy.

Joe loves riding on my back.  What a trooper all covered in snowflakes!

He really is as charming as he looks! : )

No sled, no problem...Just ride on Daddy's her jeans no less!

Snow showers!  Yay!!!


  1. Maggie had such a great time that day. She had no hesitation at all with the winter wonderland. I need to get a radio flyer to take her and Joe down to Aunt Donna's house next year.

  2. Love these photos guys, so crisp. It's a winter wonderland...we are so tired of snow here it's nice to see someone enjoy it!

  3. Love these photos, especially the one with Joe-bo peeking around your shoulder, Laurel. What a good natured little guy to tolerate the cold! Maybe Mags needs a sled for Christmas next year? :-)