Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Cooling Off & Picking Flowers

We've been without air-conditioning for a few days now.  Fortunately, our house is fairly shaded and stays nice and cool.  But, the past two days have been in the mid 90s, and it was starting to get pretty stuffy.  The next best thing to a pool here, for the kids, is their water table.  So, I put them in their bathing suits, filled it up with bubbly water, and brought their Little People friends out to play.  Maggie had a blast lining all of the people (and animals) up on the edge of the table and knocking them in.  As always, Joe just loved watching her and splashing around a bit.  He doesn't really like to crawl around in grass so he just braced the edge of the table and wouldn't budge!  Here are just a few shots of the kids at play.

Maggie's favorite daily outdoor activity is to deadhead all my flowers.  Some of them are meant to be picked, others, um, not.  But, she always asks...."Mommy, purple one??".  She loves to collect them in her bucket.  I like to think that she's inherited her Nana's love of and skills for least I can hope!  Here she is at work.