Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Annual Wright Family Beach Trip

We recently got back from my family's annual beach trip to N. Litchfield Beach, SC. Before leaving, I came across some old photos of beach trips in years past which I had scanned. This is one of the most famous family beach photos! I believe it was taken by Doug's friend James Pittard in 1980 or 1981??? Should you ever visit the Statue of Liberty, you can look us up and find this photo!

My family has been going to N. Litchfield Beach to vacation in the summer for many, many years (I'm thinking at least 40??). My parents discovered the area when they drove along the coast looking for the ideal beach to spend their vacation. In the early years, we (well, maybe not me, but certainly some of my family) camped quite a bit at Huntington Beach State Park (just North of N. Litchfield). Then, we started staying in a small rental house at the South end of the beach named "Restabit". Sadly, there aren't too many "old" houses in N. Litchfield that haven't been knocked down and replaced with gigantic double decker mansions. But, Restabit is one of them! I was pretty young when we stayed at Restabit and therefore, don't have too many memories, but I always drive by and check it out every year when we go to the beach, as if it were an old house I grew up in. Here are a couple of pictures in front of Restabit. There is certainly a lot more development around it, but the house itself doesn't look much different today.

Mom at Restabit.
I may be all wrong but I think this is Mom w/Sarah and Dad with Jamie, Mary Kate, Pam, & Bill.
Most years, one of us was allowed to bring a friend to the beach....friends grew into girlfriends, boyfriends, and now spouses and children. This year, the children outnumbered adults! Needless to say, we no longer all fit in one house (well, we could probably fit in one of those double deckers, but they, um, just don't feel like a beach house). So, we divide ourselves among two houses, one of which is Nana & Pop's beach house "The Cove". There have been so many traditions that have come and gone over the years...playing at Pirate's Cove, crabbing at Huntington, ghost walks at Atalaya, scavenger hunts, and soccer matches, but the beach itself remains very much the same. And, it is fun to see our kids fall in love with it just as we did! I look forward to this beach trip every year and am thankful to my parents for starting such an awesome tradition!

This year was great, however we really missed those who were not able to join us. There were two clans of cousins - the little ones (7 kids age 5 and under) and the teens/almost teens (4 girls age 10-14). Maggie and Joe both loved the beach, but hanging with their cousins was the highlight of their week! Joe was the perfect little beach baby. By the end of the week he was crawling into the waves fearlessly over and over again. Maggie loved dancing around on the beach, ahem, usually but not always with clothes on. She learned some of her first wrestling moves, thanks to cousin Will! It was a fun and relaxing trip for us! Last but not least, some photos:


  1. Looks like an amazing time. You guys are soooo lucky to live by the coast. What a treat! Love the pics.

  2. Great pics...and story to go along. I love the pictures of Restabit. It made me a bit teary. Too bad Pirates Cove is no longer there :(