Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Arts & Crafts

We've been doing quite a bit of arts and crafts lately with the heat and boredom of August. Maggie's favorite thing to do is watercolor painting. We're constantly having to buy new paint because she uses up all of the purple. Joe is also starting to color with crayons some! And, as a bonus, he doesn't immediately put them in his mouth! Here are some pics from today:
She asks me to draw things and them paints them in.
Here are some of Maggie's projects. She did these cutout and painted shapes with me. Then she made "Rainbow Dreams" and "Maggie's Farm" with Mark. Ummmm, can you tell who has the creative spirit in our household?? I'm trying to be more of a right-brain person, but it's tough for an engineer turned stay-home-Mom! : )


  1. Impressive art work! I usually just put some stuff down for the kids and go about my housework. Maybe I need to start planning things :)

  2. These pics are so cute! I can't beleive that they'll both sit down long enough to actually create artwork! I'm impressed!