Sunday, August 2, 2009

First things first: Joe's 1st Birthday!

The summer has gotten away from me, so now it's time to play blog catchup. What better post to start with than the biggest event around our house this summer...Joe's 1st birthday!!! This past year may have been crazy and hectic, but we couldn't imagine a more perfect addition to our family. When people ask me what Joe is like, I tell them he's "charming". I don't think there is a word that describes him better. Joe had two birthday celebrations; one on his actual birthday with just us and another a couple of days later with family. The first cake run didn't quite pan out as we'd hoped, so we're glad he had a second shot at it! Without further ado, here's to you Baby Joe!

Birthday #1: Mark surprised the family and took a vacation day from work (yahoo!!!!)! We took the kids for a ride in Joe's new red wagon. He loves ducks so we took him to Lake Lynn to feed the duckies. Maggie loved the wagon ride as much as her baby brother.

Here they are saying Hi to the duckies!
When we got home we had cupcakes! Here's the story behind all of the tears...Joe gets very anxious if he sees Mark or I getting food prepped for him. He can't stand the anxiety of waiting for food, I suppose. So, on this day we made the mistake of prepping the cupcake in front of him. Poor little guy was overwrought by the time it was ready.
Then we plopped it on his tray and he just sat there poking and staring at for a few minutes. It was big and unfamiliar and he was not in the mood to figure something new out.
Finally we gave him some help getting going. He enjoyed the cake but not with his usual gusto. There was a lot of stress over something so delicious. Nothing like a birthday boy with big tears in his eyes! We couldn't help but laugh a little!
Birthday #2: Thank goodness for a second round at cake! We had a birthday party celebration for Joe a couple days later with grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. He was the perfect birthday boy, wearing his hat without protest, and loving his balloons.

He loved having some buddies at the party...Maggie.
& Will.
This time we did it right and there were no big tears of anticipation with the cake.
He didn't mess around, just picked up the whole piece and shoved it in!
He knew everyone was laughing at him, but he just kept going. He barely came up for air.
I kept joking that it looked like he was teething on the cake.
Round 2 was definitely a success!
We LOVE you Joe-bo! May you forever charm us with your sweet smile!


  1. Now THATS how you tear into a piece of cake. Go baby Joe! He is charming, that's a perfect description. Great photos guys!