Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Our Favorite Museum

Maggie asks me almost every day to go to the this museum where we are members. It is a fantastic place where we have spent hours upon hours this summer. Her favorite parts of the museum are the animals. She especially loves the donkey, owls, and beaver (who we've named "Benny"). Yes, an odd bunch! Joe loves it too! With so much space to walk indoors and outdoors and so much to offer, it's the one place I can easily take both kids and know we'll have a great time. We spent the morning there today and I caught a few quick pictures:

Here's Maggie so excited to see Benny.
Saying Hi to the owl.
This gator came right up to the glass and showed us his teeth...yikes.


  1. I think Maggie wishes we lived in the museum. She's the type of "on-the-go" kid that just flies from one activity to the next. We need to add a video of her with the outdoor animals to include the screaming and loud animal sounds.

  2. That place looks cool. It seems like you guys have so much to offer for kids in the area. Lucky, lucky kids. And parents :)