Monday, September 7, 2009

Duke Gardens

We have been falling strangely in love with the City of Durham and all it has to offer. Over the past few months we've spent time at the museum I talked about in the previous post, hiking and festival-ing on the Eno River there, and even went to a Durham Bulls baseball game last weekend. This morning, on a total whim, we decided to go check out Duke Gardens (in Durham, near Duke University, of course!) and were completely blown away! It was such an amazing place...a really natural setting...somewhere you could escape and wander down gravel paths endlessly, or just hang out in the open spaces with the terraced gardens and ponds. The kids LOVED it. Well, Joe slept through most of it, but Maggie loved running along the little paths, checking out the ponds with the big lily pads, and of course she adored the flowers! We were a little worried about the weather, but it turned out to be a nice cool overcast morning.
Pretty roses...
Sniffing the flowers
I thought this one was cute of her jumping up and down with excitement!
Awww, a little love from Daddy.
The little guy sacked out.
Stay tuned: next weekend...we're going CAMPING! Woohoo!