Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday Reflections

We started this week busy, sick, and stressed. Then the snow came and slowed us down. I am thankful for that!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snowed In...

The first day of being snowed in is always fun, then people get antsy. So, I think I'll post now before my mood changes. Although, if I'm really being honest with myself, I haven't been in the best of moods today. The kids and I have been hunkering down around the house a lot lately. I'm yearning for summer...tank tops, flip flops, and green grass. On the other hand, today was purely about family time, which was really great!

We ventured out in the snow twice. Joe was a little unsure, and top-heavy. ;0

We munched and snacked a lot.

Mark helped Maggie make a felt snowman - "Sparkly", since the snow just wasn't good for making the real deal.

And, my personal fave, we snuggled in front of the tube and streamed free videos from Netflix! Mark and I watched an awesome movie called The Visitor last night (Thanks Nana and Pop for the recommendation), and the kids watched "Monsters, Inc" today. I've been trying so hard to talk them into watching "Muppets Take Manhattan" but so far it's a no go. Man, I used to love that movie.
I'm pretty sure tomorrow will be more of the same.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Duck, Duck, Goose

I'll just cut right to the chase. Maggie had her hands in goose poop today. She thought it was finger paint. I have to admit, it really did look like finger paint. Blech! We were taking a walk at the lake. The things most Moms carry with them on walks, like wipes, were in the car about 1/2 mile away. Again...Blech! I confess I was too busy trying to get a picture of my happy little boy to notice what she was up to. I'd say he's feeling better, don't ya think?

Prior to the poop incident, the kids enjoyed feeding the ducks and running on the boardwalk. It was a gorgeous day out and seeing them so free and happy made me smile. Here's a little video of the munchkins.

We are prepping for a major snowstorm headed this way. We could get a foot of snow! I'm not sure how to feel - yippee or yikes?!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday Reflections

This is going to be short. Last week was not one I care to reflect on...much. Joe was really sick. We hope he's on the mend now, but we're still waiting on some bloodwork to confirm his infection hasn't spread. He had a grueling trip to the doctor this morning, but he was smiling before bedtime tonight and he ate rice and chicken at dinner, which is unheard of! I'm thinking things will look up tomorrow.

On a sad note, Mark's grandfather passed away this morning. I, personally, did not know him well, but I had the pleasure of spending time with him and Mark's grandmother on several occasions. He was a very kind man and I when I think of him, I think of this picture of him and Mark's grandmother with my grandfather that was taken at our wedding. I remember how welcoming they were to my grandfather at the wedding and how happy they were to be a part of our day. Oddly enough, my grandfather passed away 4 years ago this past week. I think of him often as I'm sure Mark will think of his.

I will end with that and a wish for brighter days to come.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


First of all, Joe has been sick this week. A bad cough, fever, and the occasional vomit...ick! : ( I took him upstairs to change his shirt this morning. He was crying and upset, because I pulled him away from throwing applesauce all over the floor. So, while I'm changing him, this all transpires:

Maggie (at the gate at the bottom of the stairs yelling over her brother's histerics): Mommyyyyyy, I NEED HELP!

Me: What do you need sweetie?

Maggie: I need you to pull my sleeves up!

Me (thinking I could give a crap right now): You're a big girl, I know you can do it yourself.

Maggie: Mommyyyyyyyyy, I NEED YOU TO PULL MY SLEEVES UP!!!

*Long period of no response from me. Lots of continued screaming from Joe. Maggie repeating that line OVER AND OVER again in an increasingly frustrated tone. Probably at least 15 times, maybe 20.

I finally come downstairs, get down to her eye level, take a deep breath, and spill out a bunch of parental mumbo jumbo about how Mommy was trying to help Joe, explaining to Maggie that she needed to be patient and ask for help nicely like a big girl. I don't really remember what happened but all I could think of was the "You Must Chill" scene from "Say Anything" (one of my all time faves!). If you have seen that movie, you probably remember the scene. Basically, Lloyd Dobbler (played by John Cusack) is the "keymaster" at a party...a very drunk guy comes up to him after the party screaming for his keys...Lloyd grabs him by the shoulders and yells "YOU MUST CHILL!". I couldn't find a video clip, but here's an audio (#11).

I think that line goes through my head about 50 times a day right now in dealing with Maggie. Ok, maybe not 50, but a lot. I'm pretty sure I've tried it on her just for fun and got something like "Mommy, you so silly." in response. I'm thinking I might try the Dr. Evil zip it approach next:

Please excuse my sarcasm in this post. Parenting is hard. Little people have their own personalities and you have to learn to embrace them and deal with them the best way you know how. Sometimes, a little humor helps! No matter what, we love our spirited little girl with all of our hearts!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday Reflections

Ideally, there should be posts between two "Sunday Reflections", but apparantly this isn't my ideal blog. I'll get there...

For the next few months, I'm going to be watching my friend Beth's daughter Gaby, who is one of Maggie's best buds, on Friday mornings while Beth teaches. I've actually done it the past two Fridays, and this past Friday Beth's older daughter Rose also joined us. Maggie adores big girls. She is always googling over them at church and the park. It's so funny to us how she gawks and gives them the up and down. She and Gaby get along great, but Rose is just so ooh, la, la (haha!). Case and point...this picture of the three princesses.


Saturday, I took the kids to the Durham Museum of Life and Sciences while Mark painted. That place always keeps both kids happy and that makes me happy. They especially loved the train ride this time. Both kids are really into Thomas the train right now (Joe got a nice set and table for Christmas).

They also love the little farmyard area. Here are all the sheepy headshots - I love that one of them is named Mutton!
This is Max the cow. He is an ongoing topic of conversation around our house. Maggie loves him!
Maggie in front of the butterfly house.
They really are becoming great buddies.
This is another section the kids love where there are all different kinds of drums, bells, and little wooden sticks to bang on them. Maggie says "Mommy, I play those instruments?!?!".
Joe loves it too.

Oddly enough, the highlight of our week was our on-a-whim family hike we took on Friday. Before Mark and I had kids, we "hiked" almost every weekend. Mostly, short trips with the dogs at the lake near our house. It was one of our favorite things to do. We dream of having a hiking family and try to take the kids out on the trails as much as possible. But sometimes the more you try and force your kids to do something, the more they resist it. Which is what happened with Maggie. She went through a long phase of let me just plop myself down on the dirt in the middle of the trail and refuse to move. We even tried to carry her, but nope, she wasn't having it. On Friday though, she discovered trail markers...yep, the little circles painted on the trees! She had a blast running along the trail to find the next white circle and lo and behold...we hiked! It was a really short hike, but she was really into it. Joe even walked a lot of it! It was a beautiful afternoon and a great time for all of us.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday Reflections

This is the first of a new recurring blog post you'll see from me. This is where I get to reflect on the past week and all of the tidbits of life in our house that fall through the cracks. Maybe it'll clear my head a little. The kids are growing up way too fast. Personalities are most definitely blossoming on a day-to-day basis!

The kids were easting breakfast this week and Maggie turns to me and says "Mommy, you're my Valentine's Day." Wow! Talk about a nice start to my day. She talks A LOT these days. It is equally astounding, adorable, amusing and um, annoying. I'm just baffled at how many words can come out of a little person and simple responses like "Yes, Maggie, I'll get your milk" or "What a beautiful picture, Maggie" are never enough! She also started calling me "Mr. Mom" this week. I felt much better once I heard her calling Mark, "Mr Dad" and Joe, "Mr Joe".

This was Maggie's first week back at preschool, so I got to get back into my one-on-one time with Joe. All he really wants to do right now is explore. He's hasn't shown too much interest yet in any of his Christmas presents, but say the word "outside" and he's running to get his shoes and sitting by the front door. Unfortunately, it has been really cold so we haven't been able to do too much outside. I did start a music class with him this week. It was a little weird to say the least, but he didn't seem to notice. He's in such a happy place right now, learning to communicate in all shapes, forms and fashions. He loves to imitate, like in this scene from Christmas where the guys were shooting hoops toddler style. The hand gestures are just priceless, don't ya think?




Ok, so I've admittedly digressed from the "past week", but I had to include at least a few photos. Let me get back on track...Mark and I have been working on our big initiative for 2010...home updates. Since we moved into our house, we have done very little updating, excluding the kids' rooms. It is time! Mostly we're just painting...every wall, every piece of trim, every door....sigh (I hate painting!). So this past week we finished the was beige and dirty and's ORANGE. We love it! I will add a picture soon when we finalize everything. This week we begin work on the kitchen where we're painting cabinets, walls, trim, and eventually putting down a new floor, countertops, and sink. Right now it's white - everything is white - mix that with two messy kids, a dirty dog and two cats and ugh...

So, aside from the usual stuff I do, I became obsessed with Japanese fabric this past week (ugh...I do not need another obsession!). All thanks to stumbling across this blog. I foresee some new handmade items for our kitchen inspired by some of her things. : )

Well, that's all for this week. If you've made it this far, you're probably either Mark or my Mom!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Tribute to Mark

Today is Mark's 35th Birthday! I've been thinking for the past week about writing some profound post about the New Year (and, oh yeah, I also forgot to post about Christmas)...but, I thought it'd be nice instead to post a little tribute to Mark today! Because, well, we all love him! I think my millions of readers out there deserve to know how great of a guy he is. ;-) The thing about Mark is he has a tremendous spirit. He is positive about almost everything in life and he has boundless energy. When you have children, you notice how certain people bring out different characteristics in them. I've noticed when Mark gets home from work every night, my kids start to speak a different language...Maggie speaks in this goofy low tone and says things like "come on, man" and uses words like "sneakerdoodle" and "kookabadook". Joe squeals and shouts and does his dinosaur growl. Kind of reminds me of the time many years ago that Mark was screaming "Who's laughing now?!" at an NCSU football game, being the only "smart" person in the stands wearing a rainsuit in the middle of a torrential downpour...make that a hideous jolly green giant rain suit which we gave him major grief about bringing to the game. Those of us laughing histerically at him sort of forgot about the fact that we were getting drenched. That's the contagiousness of his spirit in action. So, even though I know he probably doesn't like all of this attention, here's to you Mark! Happy Birthday and thank you for your spirit!!!!! We love ya!