Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday Reflections

This is the first of a new recurring blog post you'll see from me. This is where I get to reflect on the past week and all of the tidbits of life in our house that fall through the cracks. Maybe it'll clear my head a little. The kids are growing up way too fast. Personalities are most definitely blossoming on a day-to-day basis!

The kids were easting breakfast this week and Maggie turns to me and says "Mommy, you're my Valentine's Day." Wow! Talk about a nice start to my day. She talks A LOT these days. It is equally astounding, adorable, amusing and um, annoying. I'm just baffled at how many words can come out of a little person and simple responses like "Yes, Maggie, I'll get your milk" or "What a beautiful picture, Maggie" are never enough! She also started calling me "Mr. Mom" this week. I felt much better once I heard her calling Mark, "Mr Dad" and Joe, "Mr Joe".

This was Maggie's first week back at preschool, so I got to get back into my one-on-one time with Joe. All he really wants to do right now is explore. He's hasn't shown too much interest yet in any of his Christmas presents, but say the word "outside" and he's running to get his shoes and sitting by the front door. Unfortunately, it has been really cold so we haven't been able to do too much outside. I did start a music class with him this week. It was a little weird to say the least, but he didn't seem to notice. He's in such a happy place right now, learning to communicate in all shapes, forms and fashions. He loves to imitate, like in this scene from Christmas where the guys were shooting hoops toddler style. The hand gestures are just priceless, don't ya think?




Ok, so I've admittedly digressed from the "past week", but I had to include at least a few photos. Let me get back on track...Mark and I have been working on our big initiative for 2010...home updates. Since we moved into our house, we have done very little updating, excluding the kids' rooms. It is time! Mostly we're just painting...every wall, every piece of trim, every door....sigh (I hate painting!). So this past week we finished the was beige and dirty and's ORANGE. We love it! I will add a picture soon when we finalize everything. This week we begin work on the kitchen where we're painting cabinets, walls, trim, and eventually putting down a new floor, countertops, and sink. Right now it's white - everything is white - mix that with two messy kids, a dirty dog and two cats and ugh...

So, aside from the usual stuff I do, I became obsessed with Japanese fabric this past week (ugh...I do not need another obsession!). All thanks to stumbling across this blog. I foresee some new handmade items for our kitchen inspired by some of her things. : )

Well, that's all for this week. If you've made it this far, you're probably either Mark or my Mom!

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  1. I love Japanese fabrics, and also love the blog you linked to. Japanese fabrics get really expensive, so that keeps my stash in check. Still, it's fun!