Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday Reflections

Ideally, there should be posts between two "Sunday Reflections", but apparantly this isn't my ideal blog. I'll get there...

For the next few months, I'm going to be watching my friend Beth's daughter Gaby, who is one of Maggie's best buds, on Friday mornings while Beth teaches. I've actually done it the past two Fridays, and this past Friday Beth's older daughter Rose also joined us. Maggie adores big girls. She is always googling over them at church and the park. It's so funny to us how she gawks and gives them the up and down. She and Gaby get along great, but Rose is just so ooh, la, la (haha!). Case and point...this picture of the three princesses.


Saturday, I took the kids to the Durham Museum of Life and Sciences while Mark painted. That place always keeps both kids happy and that makes me happy. They especially loved the train ride this time. Both kids are really into Thomas the train right now (Joe got a nice set and table for Christmas).

They also love the little farmyard area. Here are all the sheepy headshots - I love that one of them is named Mutton!
This is Max the cow. He is an ongoing topic of conversation around our house. Maggie loves him!
Maggie in front of the butterfly house.
They really are becoming great buddies.
This is another section the kids love where there are all different kinds of drums, bells, and little wooden sticks to bang on them. Maggie says "Mommy, I play those instruments?!?!".
Joe loves it too.

Oddly enough, the highlight of our week was our on-a-whim family hike we took on Friday. Before Mark and I had kids, we "hiked" almost every weekend. Mostly, short trips with the dogs at the lake near our house. It was one of our favorite things to do. We dream of having a hiking family and try to take the kids out on the trails as much as possible. But sometimes the more you try and force your kids to do something, the more they resist it. Which is what happened with Maggie. She went through a long phase of let me just plop myself down on the dirt in the middle of the trail and refuse to move. We even tried to carry her, but nope, she wasn't having it. On Friday though, she discovered trail markers...yep, the little circles painted on the trees! She had a blast running along the trail to find the next white circle and lo and behold...we hiked! It was a really short hike, but she was really into it. Joe even walked a lot of it! It was a beautiful afternoon and a great time for all of us.

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