Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Tribute to Mark

Today is Mark's 35th Birthday! I've been thinking for the past week about writing some profound post about the New Year (and, oh yeah, I also forgot to post about Christmas)...but, I thought it'd be nice instead to post a little tribute to Mark today! Because, well, we all love him! I think my millions of readers out there deserve to know how great of a guy he is. ;-) The thing about Mark is he has a tremendous spirit. He is positive about almost everything in life and he has boundless energy. When you have children, you notice how certain people bring out different characteristics in them. I've noticed when Mark gets home from work every night, my kids start to speak a different language...Maggie speaks in this goofy low tone and says things like "come on, man" and uses words like "sneakerdoodle" and "kookabadook". Joe squeals and shouts and does his dinosaur growl. Kind of reminds me of the time many years ago that Mark was screaming "Who's laughing now?!" at an NCSU football game, being the only "smart" person in the stands wearing a rainsuit in the middle of a torrential downpour...make that a hideous jolly green giant rain suit which we gave him major grief about bringing to the game. Those of us laughing histerically at him sort of forgot about the fact that we were getting drenched. That's the contagiousness of his spirit in action. So, even though I know he probably doesn't like all of this attention, here's to you Mark! Happy Birthday and thank you for your spirit!!!!! We love ya!

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