Tuesday, January 19, 2010


First of all, Joe has been sick this week. A bad cough, fever, and the occasional vomit...ick! : ( I took him upstairs to change his shirt this morning. He was crying and upset, because I pulled him away from throwing applesauce all over the floor. So, while I'm changing him, this all transpires:

Maggie (at the gate at the bottom of the stairs yelling over her brother's histerics): Mommyyyyyy, I NEED HELP!

Me: What do you need sweetie?

Maggie: I need you to pull my sleeves up!

Me (thinking I could give a crap right now): You're a big girl, I know you can do it yourself.

Maggie: Mommyyyyyyyyy, I NEED YOU TO PULL MY SLEEVES UP!!!

*Long period of no response from me. Lots of continued screaming from Joe. Maggie repeating that line OVER AND OVER again in an increasingly frustrated tone. Probably at least 15 times, maybe 20.

I finally come downstairs, get down to her eye level, take a deep breath, and spill out a bunch of parental mumbo jumbo about how Mommy was trying to help Joe, explaining to Maggie that she needed to be patient and ask for help nicely like a big girl. I don't really remember what happened but all I could think of was the "You Must Chill" scene from "Say Anything" (one of my all time faves!). If you have seen that movie, you probably remember the scene. Basically, Lloyd Dobbler (played by John Cusack) is the "keymaster" at a party...a very drunk guy comes up to him after the party screaming for his keys...Lloyd grabs him by the shoulders and yells "YOU MUST CHILL!". I couldn't find a video clip, but here's an audio (#11).


I think that line goes through my head about 50 times a day right now in dealing with Maggie. Ok, maybe not 50, but a lot. I'm pretty sure I've tried it on her just for fun and got something like "Mommy, you so silly." in response. I'm thinking I might try the Dr. Evil zip it approach next:

Please excuse my sarcasm in this post. Parenting is hard. Little people have their own personalities and you have to learn to embrace them and deal with them the best way you know how. Sometimes, a little humor helps! No matter what, we love our spirited little girl with all of our hearts!

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