Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sunday Reflections

We just got home today from spending a wonderful weekend in Davidson with my parents. The kids had a great time bonding with Nana and Pop! Maggie was her usual busy, giddy self, doing puzzle after puzzle after puzzle, all the while keeping us entertained. Meanwhile, Joe just wandered around smiling and paused a bit to snuggle with his Pop.

It snowed while we were there....yes, again! However, this was the perfect snow. The kind that sticks around just long enough to admire it's beauty.

And, Mark and I made our first trip to Ikea and got all kinds of good stuff for our kitchen and house updates. I guess it was kind of like our Valentine's date. Speaking of Valentine's Day, here's Maggie wishing the world a good her skivvies. : )

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sleeping Beauties

Taking these photos was a little risky, but so worth it...Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Ultimate Slob

Meet Joe, sometimes known in our house as "The Ultimate Slob", or "Jaba the Joe". If you've ever had the pleasure of sharing a meal or snack with him, you've probably witnessed his unique eating habits. Typically it goes something like this: kicks his feet up, puts food in mouth, moves it around a bit, spits it out, picks up another piece of food, just when it hits his tongue, decides he'd like a sip of drink, spits food out, takes a sip...and more of the same.

Some of that spit out food lands on his tray, most of it lands on his shirt.

I told you he likes to kick his feet up!

He also loves to pick up the spit out food and either throw it on the floor or stash it in the corners of his chair. Here he is dropping his chewed up orange on his leg. He literally dropped it on his leg pushed it down his leg saying "Wheeeee!".

And here's what I'm left with - a bunch of half-eaten oranges and granola bar remnants. Along with a very messy floor. And, yes, in case you're wondering...the second I get him down from his seat he's diving into that food on the floor for Round 2.

Are you completely grossed out yet?! I am! Everyday! But, he does it with such grace and at only 18 months he says "More....Peeeese..." in the sweetest little voice. I guess I'll keep him. : ) I just hope he cleans up his act before he starts dating!

And then there's Maggie, who is nice and long as she's allowed to eat from the margarita salt bowl.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sunday Reflections

Two words: cabin fever. Look it up on wikipedia and you will find:

"Symptoms include restlessness, irritability, forgetfulness, laughter, and excessive sleeping, distrust of anyone they are with, and an urge to go outside even in the (less miserable) rain, snow or dark"

Yep, we all have had a bit of the fever around here lately. Restlessness...yep., a little. Forgetful...always. Laughter...often. Excessive sleeping...definitely NOT. Distrust of others...hmmm. Going outside in bad weather just to get the heck out of the house...yep!

However, in the midst of all of this, something really sweet has been happening...the two munchkins have started becoming best buds. I hope it's not temporary. I love seeing them hug over and over again, running circles around the house, playing choo-choos together. Someone asked Maggie this week if Joe was her brother or her boyfriend and she answered "boyfriend". She's also informed me today "Mommy, you are NOT my best friend, Joe is my best friend!" For the past few months, she's been telling us over and over again what she likes and doesn't like...all of a sudden she's started telling us what Joe likes and doesn't like. Joe is usually the one that initiates all of the hugs and he calls Maggie "Melmo" or something like that. It is cute and it warms my heart.

This week looks promising weather-wise. Still cold but sunny. We can handle that! Just don't say the "S" word!