Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sunday Reflections

We just got home today from spending a wonderful weekend in Davidson with my parents. The kids had a great time bonding with Nana and Pop! Maggie was her usual busy, giddy self, doing puzzle after puzzle after puzzle, all the while keeping us entertained. Meanwhile, Joe just wandered around smiling and paused a bit to snuggle with his Pop.

It snowed while we were there....yes, again! However, this was the perfect snow. The kind that sticks around just long enough to admire it's beauty.

And, Mark and I made our first trip to Ikea and got all kinds of good stuff for our kitchen and house updates. I guess it was kind of like our Valentine's date. Speaking of Valentine's Day, here's Maggie wishing the world a good her skivvies. : )

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