Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Saturday, March 27, 2010

March Madness

Well, I was doing a great job blogging there for awhile, and then came March. Basketball certainly hasn't kept us occupied, but house projects, spring fever, and one little newly non-napping chatterbox 3-yr old have. :) All good things!

I couldn't be happier for the arrival of Spring. Even on the chilly days, we are all spending so much more time outside. I love being outside this time of much space for the kids to explore, yet no mosquitos yet. And, I love showing Maggie all of the little things popping up around the yard.

Isn't it nice that the kids can finally bare a little skin outdoors?!?!

And, run, run, run!

Last year, Joe was mostly an observer, riding around on my back or sitting on a blanket. Now, he's big enough to explore on his own!

He's so proud of his big-boy-ness!

And, back to that "chatterbox" I mentioned. Wow, is she growing up fast! She's more or less dropped her nap in the afternoons. I was feeling distressed about it at first (no more downtime for me), but now I really enjoy the time with her. She's found some new quiet things to do, so I can still get a few things done around the house. And, it gives us some one-on-one time to work on things that are tough to do when Joe is around. She LOVES audiobooks and will sit and listen to them over and over again.

And, it's a nice time to do some big girl crafts and practice things like cutting and learning letters. And from time to time she just wanders off into the "other room" (which in our house, translates to "not the kitchen") and talks and sings and dances like she's in her own little world!

I mentioned house projects. Our goal for 2010 is to work our way around the house and update all of the rooms with fresh coats of paint, and a little updating/redecorating. The biggest update we're doing is the kitchen and we've been working on the painting since mid Feb (sigh). We are ALMOST done though - putting the final coats on the cabinets this week!!!!! I think Mark and I will both be happy not to have to put on our painting clothes for a good month or two. Instead we'll be putting on our yard work clothes!

The only way we've gotten the house projects done is spending most of our weekends this winter taking turns getting the kids out of the house for chunks of time. Saturday mornings were spent doing swim lessons with the kids at the Y. Joe finished his class a few weeks ago, and Maggie just finished yesterday. Both of them LOVED their classes. That's Maggie on the left end of this lineup of very cute kiddos. This is the first activity that we've done with her where the parents get to sit and watch - oh, the freedom!!

And, here she is swimming with Coach Bonnie! My favorite times were when Bonnie asked her to kick her legs and she thrusted them out of the water very gracefully like a sychronized swimmer and then she would turn her head around to check herself out. So cute and so Maggie...unfortunately not going to keep her afloat, but she'll learn!

Amidst all of this craziness, these two are still enjoying the heck out of each other's company!

Well...most of the time! ;0