Sunday, May 30, 2010

Dear Joe,

I wanted to take a moment to tell you how very much you are loved! Your sister has really been stealing the show lately and, well, I feel a tad bit guilty that in recent months I've only blogged about your less appealing characteristics. You are a sweet, charming little boy and I want you to know it!

Let me tell you a little bit about love choo-choo trains. You dance spin moves anytime the Thomas theme song plays. You love smoothies. You eat smoothies with a straw from a cup without spilling a eat yogurt with your hands and then cry because your hands are dirty. I don't get it...I just feed you lots of smoothies. You win the blue ribbon for sleeping like a champ. And snuggling. You often choose hanging on my leg while I cook dinner to a little TV time. You give big, big hugs and wet open mouth kisses. You know the letter "O" - I didn't believe it, but you do! You take your time in life....I really, really admire that.


Water Table Buddies

Maggie is your best friend. You adore her, but she REALLY, REALLY adores you. Every morning her favorite thing is to run in your room and say "Hey, little buddy!". The lady at the Y told me that when I leave you two there, she constantly looks and asks for you. She thought it was do I! Don't forget to thank her one day for teaching you to talk. Daddy and I would like to take the credit, but you are so much more responsive when she asks....hmph!

Thanks for being my little buddy this year while Maggie was in preschool...I will really miss you next year! I loved our library outings or quiet walks or just watching you play with your trains. I know you hate shopping carts and grocery stores, but a Mom's got to run errands! You were always such a trooper while Mommy had coffee with friends at the bakery. Don't think I didn't notice how you charmed the ladies behind the counter with your sweet's no wonder when we walked in the door every week the first thing they said was "Hiiee, Joe!". Smitten, they were!

You are growing up so fast and becoming more of a little person every day. You have opinions about things and are finally speaking up about them. Just stop eating off the floor, and I think you'll be perfect!

Sloppy Joe

"I'll eat you up, I love you so!"
Love you bud,

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