Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I feel like I have come full circle with summer. As a kid, I loved it. What kid doesn't?? No school, pool time, vacations, lightning bugs, playing into the night ("kick the can" anyone??). However, the older I got the less I enjoyed it. It became "the months of hot and sticky", frizzy hair, sunburns, and most recently feeling like I was staring out my office window at sunshine all day long. Enter kiddos and my distinct privilege of being able to stay home with them. All of a sudden, summer seems so grand. We hardly have to get dressed in the mornings. We play outside, we're always dirty, we blow bubbles, we plant flowers, we fill things with water and make a huge mess, we swing and slide. And as I write this, I'm sitting on the deck having a beer - I see deer wandering in the woods, I hear tree frogs and birds, I'm surrounded by beautiful blooming things. Life really is grand! I think she gets it...


Sprinkler Fun



And we haven't even been to the pool yet...

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  1. Hey Laurel! I love all of your pics - the kids are an adorable mix of you and Mark! Where did you get the pattern for the polka dot dress? it's ADORABLE!!!!