Sunday, July 11, 2010

And then he turned two...

I don't feel that I need to do much of an introduction, since I just recently gushed about him. But, our little guy turned two on Friday! He has definitely started to have some two year old type moments recently. But, this past week...the week filled with birthday celebrations and anticipation, he was as charming as can be.

Joe's 2

Mark and I have laughed and smiled thinking about how he stomped his feet in excitement, squealed and danced spin moves when he opened his gifts.

Oh Wow

Caterpillar Cupcakes

As with every birthday that passes, we wonder where the time went, and we're reminded to cherish every moment. Happy Birthday sweet Joe!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Day Out With Thomas

It's finally time to talk about Part 2 of our camping adventure. And, while it seems like eons ago to Mark and I, this adventure is still very fresh in Maggie and Joe's mind. Just tonight at bedtime, I asked Maggie what her favorite thing about today was and she answered "going to Tweetsie Railroad to see Thomas". She tells random people in stores and her buddies how she saw Thomas and Emily (actually, we fibbed and told her the Tweetsie rail car look alike was Emily), but "NOT EDWARD". Maggie has a hard-core crush on Edward the tank engine. She gets giddy when she sees him in the books - literally squirming and squealing like a's a little creepy.

Look it's Thomas!

But, wait? Joe is supposed to be the one who loves trains. And, he does! Poor guy got his very own train table and a starter train set for Christmas just to have to share it all day long with his big sis. She does fix the track for him though! For months he just lined all of his little guys up and circled the track over and over and over again. Now, he's starting to speak up a little about his favorites and acting out scenes from the books. So, two big fans we have!

I couldn't help but think that his must've been a little bit overwhelming to little people. I mean, there was Thomas in the flesh. Not a dressed up version, but, the real deal - a train on real tracks!

Close Up With Thomas

And then we climbed on board one of the passenger cars behind him and he pulled and puffed us up the if we were on the Island of Sodor.


And, out of nowhere there were Sheriffs and Indians putting on a show.

The ShowAlign Center

They were no doubt a little stunned and confused by the whole scene. But they definitely enjoyed it! We took in as much of Tweetsie, a true old-timey, bare-bones theme park as we could. Sno cones, a carsousel ride, an extremely frightening (for me!) ride to the "top of the mountain" on cable cars, a funky mountain style petting zoo (where Maggie decided to indulge in some goat feed - yes, she did!), and of course, lots of train and people watching.

Mags Sno Cone

Joe Sno Cone

Boat Ride

Then, to round out our visit we met with the ever charming Sir Topham Hatt (*snickering*). They might have fallen for Thomas, but Mr. Hatt was a bit awkward.


All in all, it was a really fun family outing. So, apparently we are a camping family AND a train-loving family! I see many hours around the train table, more Thomas stories, and hopefully many more train rides in our future!