Thursday, October 14, 2010

Scenes from the perfect rainy day...

I haven't been able to get into blogging lately. I've been focusing on a lot of new things and finding it hard to find the time to sit down and do this. But today was such an unexpected, awesome and soul nurturing kind of day...I felt that I needed to honor it! I love days that surprise me.


It all started as a rainy (stormy, actually) Fall day. It is SUCH a relief that Fall is here. This summer was brutally hot and long. We have been busy getting back into the swing of things and it had been a while since we just had an unorganized, unplanned kind of day. I decided to see how long I could keep the kids happy just staying home, playing in our jammies. We made wax paper placemats with leaves we picked up in the yard the day before. I peeled a bazillion apples and started a big ole pot of applesauce (yummm). Then we headed outside to splash in puddles.


Joe really wanted to whine. He didn't want to admit that this could be fun.


But, then he saw Maggie splashing her heart out.


So, a change of heart, he had. We rarely walk on our street, unless we're going to see "Aunt Donna" (our closest neighbor). We can't really go anywhere from our street, it's short and right off of a busier unsafe road. And, there are no sidewalks in our neighborhood - actually, we don't even live within city limits. We love our somewhat rural locale...but it's nice every once in a while to feel like we can leave our property on foot and find something fun to do. Even if it is just a gigantic puddle on a rainy day.

Big One


We also discovered that one of our neighbors had some perfect waxy Fall leaves. Our yard is packed full of pine trees and the few leafy trees we have don't make the best leaves for crafty stuff. So, home we came with a heap of Fall color.


And then Maggie and I made pie crust. Because you know pies and leaves go hand in hand right? Apples actually...we were back on the apples. I can't believe I made pie crust from scratch. I've been a Pillsbury Ready Made gal for a long time. But, it was feeling like a homemade kind of day and I felt I needed to go with the flow. And I'm so happy I did!

Homeade Pie Crust

Somewhere between the pie baking, the applesauce cooking, and the kids napping (at least one of them), I worked on quilting. I'm trying to learn how to do free motion quilting and these were my practice pieces. Free motion quilting is the term for that puzzle piece looking stitching on the top of the fabric - also called stippling. I think I'm getting there!

Practicing FMQ

And, when I get there, I'll be turning this into a pillow top.

Pillow To Be

So, back to those leaves. What's a kid to do with a bunch of thick waxy leaves? Make a crown of course! Joe did NOT want to put this on until he saw Maggie with hers on. Puddles, crowns...are you seeing a pattern here? Thank goodness for a big sister who convinces him some things really are cool.

Prince of Fall

Maggie on the other hand jumps right into character...whoever that may be.

Queen of Fall

Silly Queen of Fall

So, together they played king and queen of the damp and drippy forest. And we all feel back in love with unexpected, awesome and soul nurturing kind of days.