Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Brief History of December...

It really feels like December was it's own year...and one of the best years we've ever had! Mark and I just spent a night away in Blowing Rock, NC and talked a lot about how blessed we are and how we both feel like we have just lived through a perfect time in our lives. Over the past month, we've enjoyed 3 snowfalls (!), celebrated our newly turned 4 yr old (!!), watched that 4 yr old sing like a little angel not once, but twice (!!!), decorated spaces, things, cookies, enjoyed the magic of Christmas and each other, enjoyed very special time with almost all of our family members. We spent so much time this past month talking to the kids about the magic and spirit of the season, making lists (and watching Maggie change her mind a thousand times about what should be on that list) and somehow it all happened just the way it was supposed to...

Snowy Tongues

Santa 2010

Tree Decorating

Decorating Ornaments

4th Birthday

First Winter Fire

Maggie's Holiday Program

Little Girls

Gingerbread Men Cutting

Joe's Gingerbread Boy

Kiddo Cookies

"Joe Bo"

Winter Hike

Joe on the trail

Christmas Eve Crew

Captivated by the Grinch

Stockings Hung

Firehouse for Little Boy

Princess Tent for Little Girl

Woody for Joe

Guitar for Mags

Snow for Dulcie

Go Dulcie Go

Joe in the Snow

Our First Snowman

Scared of the Snowman

Uncle Scott

Auntie Christen

Joe's Christmas

Me & Mark