Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Make That Four...

...snowstorms...this Winter. Yesterday we stayed home, thanks to a small dusting of snow and a nice sheet of ice right on top. It is inevitable that when the words ice storm are mentioned in our house I am reminded by Mark of my history with ice...There was the ice storm in 2002 (?) when we lost power for a week. I had an infamous meltdown. We were so worried about our poor big furry Maine Coon cats freezing to death in our apartment that we took them (and ourselves) to my sister's house so they could warm up. Thank goodness they didn't freeze their furry little tails off...ahem. Then there was the fluke-y ice event in 2005 (?) when I spent the night in my office (on the floor), because the whole entire city was stuck in a massive traffic gridlock for hours and hours on end. Fun stuff.

Yesterday was different. We spent most of the day inside playing, while Mark worked upstairs. Our wonderful neighbor, Donna, dropped off a huge craft kit for the kids last week..."just something she thought they'd enjoy on these cold winter days", she said. And, boy, was Maggie excited when I suggested we try it out. We painted rocks and made a snowman, complete with a pink hat, out of modeling clay. We have hardly made a dent in the projects we can do with this kit.

So Much Fun to Be Had

Painting Rocks

At the end of the day Mark thought it would be fun to try out the sled we bought last week with the kids. I wasn't sure about sledding on ice. I elected to stay inside until I looked out the window and saw how much fun they were having. I remember as a kid attempting sledding on trash bags and in mushy snow - it never worked. The combination of our nice grassy slopes and a bit of ice to slicken it up made for the perfect sledding in our yard. I REALLY enjoyed myself. We all did. So much so that we didn't want to go inside.

Sledding Boys

So, I think I'm ok with ice storms now. Give me a kind generous neighbor and a cheapo plastic sled and I think we'll be alright.