Sunday, February 6, 2011

A New Year, A New Boy?

Joe started 2011 with a bang. We took his pacifier away on New Year's Day. Or I guess I should say we kindly sent all of his pacis to the little babies that really need them. I was not looking forward to this day. Joe has always been very attached to his paci and bear. Case and point:

Bear and Paci

Those two have always been a pair - the ultimate tag team! So, on New Year's Day, I casually said to him at bedtime, "nope, no paci're a big boy". To my surprise, he threw his bear aside and ran into bed, giddy as can be. We read our books, sang our songs, I lingered for a few minutes with him, and that was it. Night, night. Then, silence...not a tear, not a wail...he went to sleep. It was too good to be true! Mark and I were giddy...another "transition" off without a hitch.

Weeeeeell...not so much. Instead, that boy who has always been our awesome sleeper (thanks to the "tag team") started coming out of his room a million times, skipping his naps, losing a lot of sleep. It took a good month or more to get him back on track. He is still skipping his nap, quite a lot. And, sadly, he has kind of lost interest in bear (sniff, sniff). I guess those two were kind of a package deal to him. All that said, he never shed a tear over that paci.

Something else has happened since we "pulled the plug", so to speak. He has really, really, grown up. He talks a LOT, asserts himself, makes his opinion known. These past few weeks he's started wanting to do more things by himself. He has always wanted to do everything Maggie does, but now he wants to do more. And, just today he learned to ride a bike!

Little Bike Rider

We are SO proud of him! Not because he learned to ride a bike, but because he worked soooo hard at it.

Go Joe Go

I love it when little personality traits pop out of my children and for some reason I especially love seeing them handle things in a completely opposite manner as I would. I don't expect my kids to "be like me" nor do I want them to be. I just think it's interesting and exciting to see who they're becoming! I'm pretty sure that I would've bawled my eyes out in the midst of an unexpected paci intervention. And, I love that he didn't. Granted, he made us all work overtime to help him get through it...but, he never cried or whined. And today, we literally watched him over the course of an hour focus on those little legs until they made go. He may be a complete slob, but he's a tough little guy! That paired with his winning smile and he's going to go places for sure!

That Smile