Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy Spring!

A new season, a new look here on my blog. I think I change my blog header more than I actually post, but I hope to change that trend soon. I've been trying to come up with a new blog "name" for a while now. I wanted something more abstract, yet meaningful and symbolic. This morning, I was listening to some music and a line in a song randomly caught my interest..."Sing all you want". I loved it immediately. I like to think of it as living a full life, making your voice heard. Mark, Maggie, Joe and I sing a lot in our lives, in this house...literally and figuratively. And, I want to remember those moments!

So, here we go...let's start with the singing of Hallelujah Mark and I did when we FINALLY had our kitchen countertops, sink and faucet replaced last week. I think I mentioned a year ago that we began upgrading our kitchen, including painting the walls and cabinets. Last week we finally ditched the old laminate countertops, grimy sink and just about to snap off faucet. I believe a few before and after shots are in order...


Kitchen Before

Sink Before

After, ahhhhhh:

Kitchen After 1

Kitchen After 2

Kitchen After 1

I cannot tell you how happy these countertops have made me. And the faucet that doesn't wobble when I turn it on. And, the shiny sparkly sink....ahhhhh! We spent the weekend eating every meal in, enjoying our new space and fighting over who got to clean up the kitchen (kidding, that'll never happen). We have one more step to essentially finish our kitchen...the floors, which we hope will be done in a couple of weeks!!

Amidst the home improvements, we've been enjoying some really beautiful Spring weather. It's been so warm, Maggie has taken to ditching her shoes outside. And, consequently, we are going through bandaids like nobody's business.

Barefoot Again

Joe has taken to wearing backwards baseball caps. Wolfpack, of course. And, helping Daddy practice softball (since he's playing on the church team this year).

Baseball Boy

Both kids love to play on this giant log pile we have in the woods. They pretend they're on a pirate ship, and search for animals to save. They have pretend telescopes and cameras to seek and find the animals. All this on a pile of wood!

On Log Mountain

In other news, my back is about the same. I'm anxious to start physical therapy this week. With my lack of exercise, I've found some other things to fill my time, namely knitting and sewing...hope to share some of that here this week! Happy Spring!


  1. The fun in the yard with those beautiful smiles is priceless. I love spring fever!

  2. The kitchen looks awesome! I'm so jealous! Love the pictures of the kiddos. We need to get together soon!