Sunday, March 13, 2011


Last week I really hurt my back. For about 24 hrs I couldn't stand up without Mark helping was brutal. A subtle pain in my back followed by a coughing attack led to me spasming around on the floor like a wet seal. I'm pretty sure (and Mark assured me) that it was extremely entertaining to watch and I have laughed thinking about it since. I'm doing fine now. Well, I have an issue with my back that is still bothering me and might for a while, but in reality I'm fine.


This incident has put things in perspective for me, something that I think I've been needing. So far, I have found 2011 to be kind of frustrating. For no particular reason, I've found myself having a harder time getting up and going, pondering things for way too long instead of doing, staying up way to late and not sleeping well, just feeling unbalanced.

Mags in the Light

Perspective started to hit me last week when Mark went back to work. The kids were so, so, so awesome all day, every day. They played together all day, on their own...more or less happily. One day they covered our large kitchen windows with yellow sticky notes with little scribbles on them...messages to people, they said. They planted sugar snap peas in our garden for me (since I didn't want to bend down). Even though I was laying down a LOT and not really playing with them, they seemed to like the fact that they had my full attention and that I was relaxed. I wasn't running around trying to clean up the house, take care of things, doing who knows what on the computer (ahem).


Perspective also hit me when I slowed down my own life. I started stretching a couple of times a day. I went to bed early. I didn't go many places in the car because it bothered me to drive. I took my time doing everything.

Toes Boy

I also got more organized than usual. I made lists, ordered my groceries online, and tried to tackle as little as possible in the most efficient manner.

Happy Girl

And, I asked for help...a LOT. I couldn't believe how giddy Maggie was to retrieve things for me. Mark, maybe not giddy, but well beyond supportive.

Dirty Feet Boy

I feel so much better having put a lot of big things in perspective. Mark and I accomplished so much over the weekend, without really doing a lot. I feel like I finally cleared whatever has been clouding my mind for the past couple of months. Here's hoping I can keep things in perspective.

Yellow Focus

Mark took these pictures today and I just loved them all.

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