Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Bright Future

Last week and Easter weekend were a little rough. First the tornado scare, then Mark was sick with strep throat and had a penicillin reaction, Maggie got the stomach bug on the eve of Easter (and didn't make it to sing at church or wear her lovely dress), and my back was completely out of sorts. But, so it goes...I began to feel my momentum shift a little today as I thought about all of the bright things on the horizon.


:: Firstly, May brings vacations!! Yes, 2...aren't we lucky? In just a week, the kids will hopefully be doing some of this. And just two weeks later we'll be heading west for some fresh mountain air. Can't.wait.

:: So, this is fun...I finally got around to joining our local modern quilting guild just in time to see that they are doing a field trip this Sunday to Spoonflower. I had no earthly idea that Spoonflower was right down the road in Durham. What a treat!

Countertop Quilt Basting

:: Speaking of quilting, I FINALLY got around to starting to baste this very first biggish quilt!!!!! This quilt has been a very long work in progress for me and since I hurt my back I've been waiting for "the right time" when I felt comfortable enough with my back to lay it all out on the floor and baste it. Yeah, that right time isn't coming any time soon. There is no way I can possibly justify getting down on my hands and knees on the floor for an hour, two, whatever to baste this quilt. So, I decided to just baste it on the countertop, and it will work perfectly fine (ahem)! I cannot wait to finish it up!


:: I'm already thinking a little about the Kids Clothes Week Challenge I signed up for over on Elsie Marley. I did this last year...sort of. This little pile will hopefully turn into a few wearable items for the kiddos for summer. I'm thinking of a simple skirt or 2 for Maggie, some shorts for Joe. I have no idea what to do with that knit fabric on the bottom...hmmm.

:: Shifting from sewing to music, we have tickets to see Mumford and Sons in early June. From what we've heard they put on quite the live show!

:: And, as simple as it sounds, I can't wait for strawberries. I have two very capable pickers this year and I plan to put them to work. : ) I even have a small patch growing in our own back yard.

Nothing is better than a bright future, eh?


  1. Just joined the KCWC. My poor kids! I never made their Easter dresses. Or the promised night gowns. Forget the cute fabrics for Sunday dresses or all the jersy knits that are just sitting and waiting!

    Thanks for linking up to that.

  2. OOOH GOOD FOLKS!!! I can't WAIT to see that quilt in its entirety! I have A LOT of AMH fabric too, how can you not?!