Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Dress

Unlike the unloved pillow, Maggie LOVES the Easter dress I made her! Hooray!!! It began as just a simple skirt, but evolved over a week into this lovely little dress.

She Likes It

I didn't use a pattern, but rather referred to a few I have and sized it off a current dress of Maggie's. Consequently, I made this dress about 3 times over again. I spent most of last Saturday waiting on the storm "stress sewing". But, it was worth it!

Little Folks Easter Dress

It fits her perfectly, not just in size, but in style. It's pretty enough for Easter, but comfy enough for a stroll around the woods...which she's already done. I didn't even iron the darn thing after washing it and before taking these pictures!


The only, slightly glaring, issue with this dress is that it's a bit of a squeeze for her to get on and off. I planned for elastic around the waist, but when I put it in, I just didn't like the look (it was too bulky). So I made the bodice more fitted and just decided to make it work with 3 buttons on the upper back. A longer zippered back or side or more buttons would have been much better, but I didn't plan for that. So, instead I've taught her how to wiggle into and out of it...something that every little girl should learn (ahem).

Little Folks Easter Dress Back

This was fun and I definitely learned a lot from putting it all together, but I think I'm officially dressed out. Maggie would wear this dress everyday if she could. And, as far as I'm concerned she can!

Sitting Like a Lady


  1. Really, really pretty dress! I especially love the apron style. Great fabric choices as well.

  2. beautiful dress and girl! Happy Easter :)