Friday, April 1, 2011

He can be pretty creative too...

I didn't mean to dis my sweet little boy by referring to his sister as the creative one. He's creative alright. Just take his new sleeping style. Every night this past week has been the same. We tuck him into his bed, turn out the light and say Goodnight. A few minutes we hear the thump, thump, thump of him wandering around his room trying to find just the right take a rest. It has become one of our favorite parts of the evening to wander upstairs and see what spot he's chosen and whether he decided to leave his pajamas on or off. Last night it was right by the door and clothed...

Joe's New Sleeping Style

Cute, huh?

He Prefers the Floor

And he was holding onto "pidaman" for dear life.


Such a sweet, sweet boy. And, fortunately one of those kids you could practically drag by the ear to bed and he wouldn't budge an eye. Of course, my favorite part is picking his limp self up and putting him safely back in his cozy bed...often wanting to pause for a few and sit and rock him, pretending he's not just 3 months shy of turning 3. He's my snugglebug, no doubt.

And he's not just creative at bedtime...

Dr Joe

Mr Independent

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