Monday, April 11, 2011

On Kids and Pillows and a Contest...

Today was kind of a blah start to the week. I woke up with sciatica pain again, after feeling a little better last week (sigh). That leads to a fairly low key day in which my brain goes a hundred miles an hour about a million things that I really can't deal with. I find myself looking down at the parts of my life and days that require bending and grumbling about them. And because I'm neurotic and can't let them go, I pick at them bit by bit...which is at least doing my mind some good. Twenty minutes of weeding in the garden is better than nothing. Then I lay on the heating pad for a while and try to write a nice composed blog post, but since my brain isn't working, it ends up something like this...

  • Joe is still sleeping on his chair every night.
  • He says he's "scared" in his bed.
  • There are a lot of jokes about the fact that he started sleeping in the chair the very day I introduced to him a "very special pillow" I made for his bed.
  • I'm not gonna lie, he hasn't exactly warmed up to the pillow.
  • But, scary...a pillow???
  • What do you think??? Don't answer that...

Joe's Pillow

Joe's Pillow Closeup

  • It says "fly" because his room is full of airplane-y kinda things.
  • Maybe he is taking this literally and "flying" to the floor or the chair at bedtime
  • Earth to Laurel, he's just 2 1/2.
  • I also made Maggie a pillow and she does not like it one bit.
  • I know because she said "I don't like it" and made this face when I gave it to her.


  • I admit, this scene was re-enacted.
  • It went something like, "make your sassafras face, the one you made when Mommy gave you the pillow".
  • She is sweet as can be, but she knows what she likes and what she doesn't, and she makes it clear...often by poking out her lips like that.
  • She is so much like me, sometimes I think she is me.
  • I stole that line from an episode of Parenthood.
  • I wish it were Tuesday so I could watch a new episode. One of my favorite, relaxing parts of the week are Tuesday nights of Parenthood, with a glass of wine and a knitting project.
  • Anyway, back to Maggie's pillow...Since I know you're dying to see the pillow that invoked the pokey-lipped response, here it is...

Maggie's Pillow

Maggie's Pillow Closeup

  • I ordered that little ballerina fabric at the last minute because she was into ballet at the time and I just knew she'd love the little dancers.
  • She strongly dislikes the color red, which is the color of one of the little ballet girly's skirt.
  • Good gravy...
  • Before I forget to give credit where credit is due, I shamelessly copied these pillows when making Maggie's....well, more or less. Among other things, Anna makes lots of fantastic pillows.
  • Anyway, Joe's pillow was my own creative much for that!
  • Did I mention there is a pillow party going on right now?
Blogger's Pillow Party

  • Rachel, of Sitched in Color, is hosting this fun monthly contest.
  • There are SO MANY FANTASTIC PILLOWS...go check them out!
  • I am entering Joe's fly pillow.
  • Here's hoping it gets better reception!
  • I've been planning on making each of them quilts, but I think I'll hold off for a bit.

Patchwork Pillows

  • Even after all of the work involved, the whole pillow conundrum has given us a lot of laughs.
  • That's a good thing.
  • I feel better now.
Pillow details: Both pillows are standard size (20" x 26") with an envelope closure on the back. I appliqued the "fly" letters on the center panel of Joe's pillow, then quilted concentric rectangles around the panel. Maggie's pillow has straight line quilting slightly offset and on both sides of the patchwork seams.


  1. The fly pillow is not in the least scary! You can tell him I said so,LOL! I love it!!!!!! Awesome job!

  2. Hello! I love both of your pillows! They are really wonderful! Sunny wishes! Teje

  3. Even with your back out you manage to produce things like, you really know how to make a sister look bad ;)

    Adorable pillows...I know they will cherish them even though they may not appreciate the sentimental value yet.

  4. I have made things for my littles that they totally didn't like even though I involved them in the decisions. Those little stinkers. Love them! Thanks for joining in on the Pillow Party!