Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Our Home : : The Kitchen

Would you like to take a tour of our new kitchen?? Oh, good, I thought so. This new and improved kitchen has been a year in the works. There are several things I love about this kitchen:

  1. It's bright and cheery...we really went out on a limb painting our cabinets a bright robin's egg blue and our walls a cheery yellow...and we're so glad we did!
  2. It has some very special pieces that have been handed down from both Mark's and my families.
  3. The floors are grey, the countertops are grey. OUR CATS ARE GREY! Those fur balls that they deposit throughout our house - can't see em! You have no idea how happy this makes me.

So, here is the most lighted view I can get in our house (which isn't much). The table was Mark's parents' dining room table. I'm sure I ate at this table the first time I went to visit Mark's home in NJ. And now his parents eat at it with us when they come to visit - pretty neat! It was passed down to his brother and wife and then to us. It is perfect for us! It fits well, it's really great for kids and artwork and huge messes, and equally great for memorable meals. I will admit, we're talking about painting it (or part of it) white. It is a little dark with the darker floors, but we are definitely keeping it around for a while.

Looking In

The floors are cork tile. They are really groovy (and were apparently big in the 70s). I think I came across them when I was browsing "green kitchens". They look like tile, but they're soft and textured, and eco-friendly.

Kitchen 2

Here's a decent closeup:

Kitchen Colors Closeup

I get so many comments on these kitchen chairs. I recovered them with an oilcloth fabric by my favorite quilting fabric designer Anna Maria Horner. The fabric is from her Little Folks line and I have bits of it scattered throughout our house...in curtains, bags, baskets, soon-to-be Easter dress (maybe...), and hopeful quilts. In fact, our paint colors were mostly derived from this line of fabric. Anyway, back to the oilcloth...it is AWESOME! Why, you ask? Wipe-able kitchen chairs. Even Sloppy Joe's messes can be cleaned up. And, of course Lewis approves.

Cat Chairs Apparently

This is a nice little side work/storage area. Both the butcher block island and shelf are from Ikea.

Butcher Block and Shelf 2

It has all the obvious kitchen-y things and then a few nostalgic pieces. That clock is our "Mountain Moose Coffee" clock Mark and I bought on our trip out west when we visited Jackson Hole. It reminds us of the great adventures we had on that trip.

Butcher Block and Shelf

This is our cookie jar. Duh....Were it not for its history, I would have nothing to do with this piece in our kitchen. It was our cookie jar when I was a kid. Knowing my family, it was often full and quickly emptied. When my parents moved out of their house and downsized, they had a "giveaway" (or 2) to pass along things of theirs they didn't really have room for. This was one of those "someone HAS to take the cookie jar" acquires. I love that he has joined our kitchen.

Best Cookie Jar Ever

Just down from the cookie guy, is another piece of history. This one, I adore. This is a spice rack built by my grandfather (I think, ack?!) and embroidered by my grandmother. The embroidered part opens up to more spices. At some point in the process of painting our kitchen and cabinets, I had a random vision of this spice rack hanging on our wall. I knew the colors would match perfectly, and they do. I called my Mom on the phone, assuming it had been passed along already and she said she had just seen it days earlier. And so it became ours...

Grandma's Spice Rack

Being a crafty person now, I'm often amazed at the detail of the embroidery and I stand and stare at it. Another reason why I love handmade.

Spice Rack Closeup 2

Spice Rack Closeup

This is where I hang most of the time. I made the cafe curtain over the kitchen sink with some fabrics from the Little Folks line.

My Kitchen Spot

I have to say, this kitchen of ours is a much improved place to hang. It is comfier on my feet, easier on the eyes, and finally done! And, Joe's little toes approve of it too.

Kitchen 1

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  1. Oh wow, it looks really fantastic. I especially love the color, floor, and little bits of history. My sister still has some of our childhood stuff in her kitchen, as well as a few of my grandparent's items. I've always felt a little regret that I didn't hold score any of that stuff when Dad sold my childhood home. Sigh.

    GREAT choices on the kitchen. Looks like a place to be happy.