Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday Reflections

It has definitely been a week to reflect on. Yesterday we witnessed some pretty wild weather, with the massive storm system and tornadoes that came through Raleigh. We are so thankful that we are all safe, but our hearts go out to those that did not fare so well.

Although a tornado didn't touch down close to us, there was definitely a point in the storm that we knew we needed to go to a safe spot. So, we huddled down in our crawl space for about 20 minutes during the worst of it. Maggie was really confused about going down there, so I told her it'd be fun and "we'd tell stories". She was so excited she begged me to go down right that minute. Once we got down there, we played that little game where someone starts a story and someone fills in the blank...or, something along those lines. I think the story of "Pierre the prince" who "lived in a kingdom" and rode a "donkey named Lightening" who had two friends, "Lisa the horse" and "Oinky the pig"...will forever remind me of this day. I keep with it in my mind a little picture of us sitting under the house...huddled all together.

A very different type of memory for sure than this beautiful morning I spent with the kids down at the lake just two days earlier. It was so quiet and relaxing and it felt almost surreal at moments. Like when I began to notice that there were butterflies in 20 or 30 of them flitting around us.

Trail to the Lake

And the enthusiasm of the kids running down the trail to get there, laying their "friends" on the tree to watch as they played in the sand.

They Brought their Friends

And searching for sparkly rocks.

Sparkly Rocks

Climbing trees...


And reflecting a bit.



But for some reason what I remember most about this day is another story. When we were walking back up the trail to the car, I said "see ya later lake..." which sparked a slew of bye byes from the kids...."bye bye butterflies", "bye bye birds". Then, there was a long pause and I noticed Joe had stopped and was staring back at the lake. Then he said "bye bye sticks". It was so cute and so like Joe.

By the Water

Here's to a new week of stories....

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