Saturday, May 7, 2011


:: Growing up, my friends always thought you were the nicest Mom ever.  
:: When I was little I remember asking you if we were rich (not really understanding the term).  You always told me we were "rich in love".  I love that you taught me that and I will never forget it.
:: Whenever I hear Paul Simon, I think of how you had that picture of Art Garfunkel on our refrigerator because you thought he was "so cute". Hmmm...

::  You are undoubtedly the college basketball goddess.  I can't think of another female on this planet that appreciates and knows more about college basketball than you.
::  I almost always forget to ask Mark those questions (usually related to basketball) you tell me to ask him when we're talking on the phone.  When I do ask him, he always laughs and says something like "Oh, Penny....".  He usually has no idea what I'm asking.
::I always regret that I didn't begin asking you for gardening advice until I was in my late 20s and Mark and I bought our first house.


::  This will be me one day, even though we always picked on you for doing so.


:: I think your paintings are fantastic, and I hope you keep it up!
:: As a teenager, I might've felt a very slight twinge of embarrassment when you would sing in church.
:: That said, I love that you sang anyway, you played music (even Willie), and you encouraged me to make music.  Thank you for taking me to every violin lesson, every recital, every concert and camp.  I may not play anymore, but it truly changed my life.     
:: You make THE best apple pie! : )
:: I thank you for convincing me that together, we could make a quilt for Pam, when she had cancer, even though I could barely sew, and knew nothing about quilts.  I loved doing something special for someone else, but I had no idea what it would do for me.     
:: I loved having you around when Maggie and Joe were born.  You have a calming and confident spirit around babies that I think is amazing.  I suppose that's why you had seven. : )


Thanks Mom for all you do!  Happy Mother's Day!  I hope you enjoyed this little tribute of're next Pop! ; )

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