Friday, May 13, 2011

Two for Two - KCWC Days 3-5

Yup, I ended up just where I thought I would.  Whew,what a week.  Two kids with strep...blah!  But, two new clothing items sewn...yay!  And, Joe got his shorts.  They came together ridiculously fast...and sloppily.  Thank goodness you can't really see that hem, with all of the madras stitching that was already there.  But, they fit and he loves them.  And, that's really all that matters right? 
Joe's Simple Shorts
And, let's face it...bellies really are cuter than shorts, don't ya think?
I probably won't do much more this weekend.  I find myself at the end of this week needing to refocus on other things, like going on a special playdate to the museum with my girl tomorrow and maybe doing a date night in with Mark tomorrow night, since in the midst of this icky week, our 9th wedding anniversary came and went.  I'm feeling like Sangria, what about you babes? : )     


  1. I agree on the sangria. I'll pick u up at 8 :).

  2. Cute shorts! I'm exhausted of KCWC. Really!

  3. Love these shorts! Where did you buy the madras fabric (or are they upcycled)?